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ESG for Business and Social Enterpises

ESG strategies are now part of the identity of all businesses regardless of subject matter and legal structure. ESG practices confidently lead the business to sustainable operation and protect it from all kinds of risks. In particular, however, social enterprises of all kinds should have an ESG plan, so that the way they operate, the purposes and the practices they use become visible. Disclosure of ESG practices and appropriate reporting will soon be common sense and a requirement for EU grant beneficiaries.

ESG for Local Authorities/Organizations

The strategic targeting of Local Authorities and organizations should essentially focus on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as described in the United Nations Agenda for 2030. Therefore, local governments need an ESG plan that follows international auditing practices, such as the GRI metrics. We provide local public organizations with the necessary tools and guidance to measure, report and complete the ESG process.

Strategy, Marketing, Reporting and Coaching

Guiding and monitoring the progress of each organization's executives in implementing EMS practices is essential. Coaching techniques must be adapted to the needs and speed of response of each organization. Many times, initial training for internal specialists and executives is necessary. Thus the reasons and objectives of establishing an EMS strategy in an organization or business will be understood.

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